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One click automation of proven account based plays ( Multi Channel Marketing, Self Healing Data, CRM Coverage ) created by your peers on Playbase

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<h1>Account Based Marketing</h1>

What’s a SmartPlay?

Smartest marketing actions from your peers
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SmartPlays use data-science to examine variations in CRM, marketing automation systems, and sales and marketing point solutions. SmartPlays deepen account coverage and insight, trigger new actions automatically and execute multi-channel plays without manual orchestration. See for yourself!

Announcing Playbase

Industry’s first collection of top marketing plays for: Target Account Engagement, Database Completeness, Sales Pipeline Velocity, CRM Coverage, Buying Center Coverage, Self-Healing Data, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Multi Channel Marketing Marketing Alignment. Check out the all-star contributors!

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ZenIQ identified that our CRM coverage for target account buying centers was only 30%. We applied a ‘self-healing data’ SmartPlay and it tripled coverage, we’re now at 90%! This has been a game changer for our Account Based Marketing program.

Rob Israch

Chief Executive Officer, Tipalti

Ex Vice President, Global Marketing Programs at NetSuite

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Our SmartPlays identified 6,000 new buyers (a 500% improvement in coverage), and 30% of them have already transitioned to Sales Accepted! Our marketing and sales teams are ecstatic. ZenIQ’s a must have platform!

Alla Oks

Vice President, Demand Generation at Ayla Networks

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The community around SmartPlays is where the world’s best marketers come to share their innovations, learn from one another, and experiment, rapidly iterating on each other’s ideas to solve pressing marketing and sales problems every day.

Jason Hekl

Marketing Consultant and Former SiriusDecisions Analyst

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Need to deliver control and growth of your ABM target account business? Concerned about alignment with your sales team, future value of your current martech investments, or scalability of ABM? We have answers!

Demand Gen

Anxious to measure and deliver MQA’s (Marketing Qualified Accounts)? Ever wonder how many of your target accounts interact with your inbound programs? Find out now!


Are you trying to transition client ABM programs from ad hoc to data-driven, to high-performance works of art? Are you able to really define the purchase roadmap of your clients’ ABM target accounts? We can help!


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SmartPlays are about performance, speed to market and scale. The only question left is answer which ones you need. Super easy and fast - your registration will create a free instance of ZenIQ, connect to Salesforce and provide a wealth of information.

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