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In fast-paced marketing and sales organizations, it’s not easy to see what matters or act on it quickly. ZenIQ helps uncover true buying signals – because we analyze the data correlated with faster pipeline creation, better deal velocity, and higher deal values.
ZenIQ automatically builds a complete foundation because it draws from your CRM, mar-tech, and third-party data to give a 360-degree view of your target accounts. We uncover – and fill – gaps in account coverage to ensure you can reach the right people, right away. And with our “self-healing data,” we even take care of the messy data hygiene.
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ZenIQ uses the power of machine learning and data intelligence to automatically scan your historical data, current pipeline, and external events to spot hidden patterns, buying signals, and pathways that lead to faster and larger deals. We use that as the foundation for our insights and recommendations that improve target account coverage, marketing campaigns, and recommended next actions shown in our “Inbox.”
Using PlayBase, our library of prebuilt, community-sourced actions, or your custom SmartPlays, ZenIQ lets you immediately act on what you learn. Expand your buying center. Execute a competitive campaign. Create sales tasks based on buying signals. Respond faster to opportunities. ZenIQ executes the right moves across systems and data sources to synchronize actions and accelerate sales cycles.

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"Integrations with Salesforce CRM, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, HubSpot and Salesforce Pardot to help users better connect account data across platforms." "Target accounts and their buyers exist across platforms and engage across channels." A recent article in Demand Gen...

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“We’ve achieved incredible results: 300% increase in target account coverage, 500% increase in buying center coverage within target accounts, and a 200% lift in the average ACV of ABM deals vs. non-ABM deals"

Rob Israch

CMO, Tipalti

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“ZenIQ SmartPlays identified 6,000 new buyers (a 500% improvement in coverage), and 30% of them have already transitioned to Sales Accepted! Our marketing and sales teams are ecstatic”

Alla Oks, VP, Demand Generation

Ayla Networks

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“The community around SmartPlays is where the world’s best marketers come to share their innovations, learn from one another, and experiment, rapidly iterating on each other’s ideas to solve pressing marketing and sales problems every day.”

Jason Hekl

Marketing Consultant and Former SiriusDecisions Analyst

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