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The first platform purpose-built for B2B marketers.

ABM Strategy


A revolutionary ABM system from the ground up.

B2B marketers have been under served for decades, trying to get by with tools that were founded to solve B2C issues, lead-based acquisition and management. We believe there’s enough critical mass in data, systems, and desire to change this.

Our vision is to build a revolutionary marketing system from the ground up, purpose-built for B2B marketers.

The ZenIQ platform simplifies the ability of B2B marketers to activate advanced data capabilities, without the need for advanced data skills, IT department integration or magic wands. Today, our clients are able to connect account-centric marketing activities and response from across the enterprise. This accurate picture enables a complete view into target account contact coverage, reach and engagement, and the ability to host and manage a system of record for target account lists. From this point of insight, marketers can now control consistent messaging across delivery platforms, channels and teams. Today, B2B marketers have a platform capable of delivering high value account-centric experience designed to maximize target account pipeline: Volume, Velocity and Value.


Experienced. Innovative. Data-Driven.

Srihari Kumar

Srihari Kumar

CEO & Co-Founder

Tapas Majumdar

Tapas Majumdar

COO & Co-Founder

Anindo Mukherjee

CTO & Co-Founder


Market Leaders. Thought Leaders.

Shankar Venkataraman

Shankar Venkataraman

Strategic Advisor