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All engagement’s not created equal
A limited number of people at any Target Account can actually influence and make a purchase decision. These SmartPlays are designed to identify, acquire and on-board those who can actually affect your ability to sell into an account, the Buying Center. This subset of people at each target account are mission critical. ….Unless sales and marketing efforts focus on knowing, targeting and engaging these specific contacts, ABM effectiveness will remain unattainable.
Without this knowledge, ABM simply becomes a guessing game of hoping to attract, engage, and influence the right people.
ZenIQ applies amazing data science to your CRM and Marketing Automation, analyzing closed / won deals at accounts similar to each target account list. We compose a matrix of roles and levels of seniority as a basis point where you can benchmark current efforts and create SmartPlays to address opportunities at scale.
When done correctly, this CRM driven activity drives coordinated sales and marketing efforts. Teams learn a common language and develop a core focus – the right people at the right accounts. The buying center.
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