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Insight and engagement exist across channels, platforms and teams
Multi Channel Marketing SmartPlays are designed to compile an understanding of your target accounts across these dimensions and trigger amazing actions. The ZenIQ platform is very unique in its ability to sense and gather insight from full sales and marketing tech stack, and in turn ….trigger those same platforms to respond with the highest value touchpoints based upon that knowledge.One of the great struggles brought about by technology innovation is that one can’t identify, decipher or optimize engagement within a platform. The fact that you get a lot of click through in a display ad platform or engagement with emails may or may not be good or relevant. The reality is that audiences engage with you in multiple ways and at different times.
McKinsey researched this phenomena recently and determined that B2B buyers use an average of six different ways to interact with vendors to get the information they need – and showed that two-thirds come away frustrated by inconsistent experiences.
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