Continuing our “1 Minute Max” series, today we feature

Peter Mollins – VP Marketing, KnowledgeTree

Peter’s an amazing marketer and even more amazing at his knowledge of sales enablement and sales and marketing alignment. In his role at KnowledgeTree, he sits right at the intersection of sales and marketing… and has the goods to help marketers get their content and messages to market.

KnowledgeTree recommends content that’s predicted to win and proactively pushes it to your sales people — from wherever you store your assets. That keeps every sales person on message and ahead of quota. And you can prove how much revenue your content delivers.

During our conversation Peter highlighted sales and marketing alignment

ABM presents a new paradigm for sales and marketing alignment. For years marketers have guided their sales counterparts to follow up on leads. Now, with ABM, we’re trying to jointly pursue account together. Key learning:

  1. Alignment is found through common metrics – sales goals
  2. Marketers need to align themselves to revenue – marching in same direction as sales

When marketers share the same goals as their sales counterparts they align on approach.

Our featured guest

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