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Sales Pipeline Velocity SmartPlays

Sales Pipeline Velocity = Engagement Stage Velocity
Moving Target Accounts through stages of engagement faster is the sole means to generate revenue velocity. Sales Pipeline Velocity SmartPlays focus on identifying the right people, the right message and the right channel – aligning teams to address critical Target Account needs with the best possible approach. ….
Marketing, as in sales, you can’t progress a deal if you can’t progress your messaging and approach.
If one of your sales reps delivered the exact same deck to the decision-makers of your best target account three times in a row, would they invite invite the person back for a fourth presentation of the same material? Of course not! Why then do you think anything less of your marketing messages? Don’t bore your Target Accounts with the same display ads or a generic drip campaign… excite them with on topic content, addressing their needs at every point in time.
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