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Self-Healing Data SmartPlays

ABM Data Quality Matters, A Lot!
Each time you solve your data woes, the next day your database begins its inevitable journey towards disaster once again. Self-healing Data SmartPlays are designed to automate the drudgery out of keeping your sales and marketing data the organizational asset you dream it should be.….
Data accuracy, hygiene, and completeness is a constant struggle, 365 days a year. Good news is that you now have a smart tool that can be trained to operate in the background to perform this invaluable but thankless job everyday, and twice on Sunday.
In a perfect world, CRM and Marketing Automation systems would be in sync and every lead would be qualified. OK, the world’s not so perfect. Here are some critical areas where Self-Healing Data SmartPlays can help:
When you have leads and contacts in marketing systems that don’t match up with roles that are able to buy or even influence purchases.
When you have a constant flow of Leads to your Marketing Automation systems but are unable to associate them to Target Accounts.
You struggle to map Leads and Contacts across you technologies to a common identity, or identify any as relevant Buying Center Contacts.
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