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Marketers have a tough existence… but we’re doing our part to make it simple to do amazing things at scale.

ZenIQ applies some pretty amazing data-science to build an account-centric view of all your data across CRM, marketing automation and other sales and marketing platforms. Like a central nervous system, the platform continually examines thousands of variations in these underlying data to give you a complete picture of your relationship at each target account, including their buying center – those who influence and make purchase decisions.

SmartPlays enable you to tap into this insight using common business logic to deploy and scale processes that enhance data, trigger alerts for critical changes, and action data-driven, multi channel sales and marketing plays that monitor and drive engagement with each buying center member at each target account.

To reduce work and increase results, we’ve sourced the world’s best marketing plays from some of the industry’s most noted marketers and made them radically simple to deploy. Literally, point and click.

ABM Solutions for you…

<h1>Account Based Marketing for CMOs</h1>


Control. Alignment. Measurement. Results.

ZenIQ completely changes your decision process. Frictionless environment to find the best marketing plays to drive your KPIs – done. Connected environment that eliminates cost and execution risk for deployment – done. CRM driven approach that aligns your marketing team with revenue and your sales peers – done.

With this new capability, what would you do first? Isn’t that a refreshing question?

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Lead-Based to Account-Based.

Whether you’re planning or running an ABM program, consider this… while your ABM program may be new it doesn’t mean you’re marketing to companies you’ve never touched. Fact is, your CRM and Marketing Automation systems have the exhaust of prior efforts. ZenIQ connects these insights so you can analyze a 360° view of your target accounts and then delivers SmartPlays that can automate and trigger amazing multi channel programs using delivery platforms you already have in place.

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<h1>Account Based Marketing for Demand Generation</h1>
<h1>Account Based Marketing for Agencies</h1>


Lead-Based to Account-Based.

You’ve engaged great clients for years, helping them build CRM, MAP and demand gen programs. Does all this talk about ABM make your clients wonder if future investment in your work are warranted?

ZenIQ’s the way to bring all of this prior work into an account-based future, reinforcing your value to your clients.

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